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19 Giugno 2012
Mi raccomando tutti a guardare e a incitare i nostri FTV durante la VFAT!

The time has come! The biggest and most important event of the year is back!


The Virtual Festival Of Aerobatic Teams shortened "VFAT" has been the world's
largest virtual airshow for 14 years. This year's edition brings together teams
from all over the world, Virtual Red Arrows, Virtual Blue Angels, Virtual Thunderbirds
and even more, they are all there.


Detailed schedule :

In addition to, this year we have teamed up with quality partners, which
allows us to evolve in the right direction, and to bring you a little early Christmas.

In association with our partners you will have the opportunity to win amazing prizes!

1x T-16000M FCS brought to you by Thrustmaster
1x T-16000M FCS Flight Pack brought to you by Thrustmaster
1x TPR Pendular Rudder brought to you by Thrustmaster
8x "In Flying Since" Caps and Patches brought to you by Thrustmaster

3x Christen Eagle II Module brought to you by Aerobatics Online & Leatherneck Simulations
3x Reserved Player Slots on Aerobatics Online Server brought to you by Aerobatics Online 

1x F-14B Tomcat Module brought to you by Virtual Airshows.

To participate, nothing could be easier, come on the live at,
have fun, and wait for the information from the staff, all giveaways will go through
Twitch chat.


We hope to see you in the chat and wish you a very good time during VFAT 2018.

Virtual Airshows


Cant Wait!

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