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20 Agosto 2014
Mi-24P update:

3D model is not at the state when we are ready to flash it to tease you yet. We’ve finished modelling of hover, takeoff and general performance in the air of this helicopter. Currently team is working on Mi-24P crew AI. Mi-24P crew AI will be available as pilot or as gunner.

We are aiming to implement control over AI functionality with help of AI GUI which will allow you to use only 4 buttons to give AI specific commands regarding:

- Heading
- Speed
- Altitude
- Maneuvers
- Hover menu
- Target choice


Also we are working on AI crew targets detection logic. It will not be just all-seeing AI copilot/gunner, as you can see on pics below, AI behaviour will not be simplistic and during spotting its being modelled to mimic real pilots training logic for spotting targets. Things like distance, angle and illumination will be taken into account among many others.




We have certainly not forgotten about all the rotor-heads! Work continues the deadly Mi-24P HIND. Using many of the same systems as the Mi-8MTV2, this project is well underway and will be a great addition to the stable of DCS World helicopters.

With the advancements in our terrain technology and the ability to create much more detailed low-altitude environments, the HIND will be a joy to fly. Combining both gunship and troop-carry abilities, the Mi-24P will certainly result in outstanding missions and campaigns.

Being a two-seat aircraft, the HIND will be a particularly interesting aircraft to fly with a friend online.

[:frullatore:]  [:headbang]
L'Hind me gusta mucho... [:headbang] [:headbang] [:headbang]

Poi ancor di più dato che è bi-posto...  :cool:
bellissimo, speriamo di averlo in tempi brevi
Si dovrebbero fare un po' prima in quanto è molto simile al Mi-8...
Penso che la cosa più difficile sia fare l'AI del Artigliere, se si vola in SP, però la Belsimtek è sinonimo (almeno per ora) di accuratezza e affidabilità...

La cosa che a me piace molto , oltre alla possibilità di essere in 2  ed a tutta la parte dell'A-G, è anche la possibilità di imbarare/sbarcare truppe... [:headbang]

C'ho volato qualche volta su Arma 3... :cool:

Comunque ne vedremo delle belle tra Mi-24 ed F-16... :hardcore: :hardcore: :hardcore:

The cockpit model: Aft Crew Station and Front Crew Station - 100% completed.
Animated cockpit objects: Aft Crew Station - 100%, Front Crew Station - WIP (40%).
The external 3D model - 100%
Animation of external model objects - 70%.
The flight model is complete now and will undergo fine tuning.
Power plant - 100%.

Helicopter Systems
Completed Electrical Power Supply System - 100%;
Fuel System - 80%;
Hydraulic System -100%
Oil Systems - 80%
Anti-Ice System - WIP
Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems - 70%;
Brake system - 100%,
Air Conditioning System - WIP
Lighting System - WIP
Flight control system (including SAU-V24) - 80% (WIP - SAU setting)
Completed radio communication equipment - 100%;
Helicopter radio navigation equipment -> 80% (WIP - the map indicator is being revised).
Instruments and avionics -> 80% (WIP - connection of operator's cockpit objects).

Armament and Weapon control
Sight ASP-17V and Analog-Digital Computing Device (AСVU), AUTO and Manual modes - completed
Pilot weapon control panel (PUVL) - completed
Built-in cannon and mounts (30 mm, GSh-2-30) - completed (with all fire modes)
Universal gun or grenade launcher container systems (GUV-1) - completed
Bombing munitions and racks - completed
Guided weapons (9K113 Guided Missile System with 9M114 or 9M120 missiles) - WIP
PKI operator's sight - WIP
UB-32 rocket launchers with S-5 rockets - completed
B8V20A rocket launchers with S-8 rockets - completed
B-13L rocket launchers with S-13 rockets - completed
APU-68UM3 rocket launcher with S-24B rocket - completed

The RWR SPO-10 is under development
The crew AI (pilot /co-pilot) is currently WIP
in parole povere, un mi24 inutile (parere mio :D )

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