VFAT 2016


Personale a Terra
19 Giugno 2012

This year's Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams, short VFAT, will be held on the weekend of November the 11th, 12th and 13th. Via our official Twitch livestream channel you can watch live and follow through the chat. This event will feature up to 35 virtual air demo teams that perform demonstrations either as solo or as a formation flying team with up to 10 jets joined into one formation. You can either watch from your PC, laptop, tablet or your phone. Join us to experience one of the biggest virtual airshow events throughout the year and take a look what individuals and teams can do handeling their jets through agressive, dangerous and spectacular areal maneuvers.

Are you interested joining this event as a performer? Then register!
All information and details you may need can be extracted from the official Preliminary Registration Thread:,1667.0.html

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