Tool per fare esercitazioni con il Bullseye


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19 Giugno 2012

With this Windows tool you can train your dealing with the bullseye (or any other common reference point).


This tool calculates the bearing and distance between two random points (e.g., aircraft). You can check your entered estimated bearing and your estimated distance.


Why the whole thing?
You fly  in muliplayer and is in contact with other pilots. How do you  want to find them in the air without using the F10 map? You use a common  reference point and give your position FROM this reference point. This  also applies, of course, if you find ground targets and want to communicate the  position of the target to someone.

Only the A-10C can display the information from  bullseye in HUD, in any other aircraft equipped with an HSI:

  • display a common reference point (waypoint)
  • on HSI the bearing (+ or - 180°) (needle end, not the point of a needle),
  • distance to the waypoint.
Already you  have all informations. In addition, you should communicate your  altitude and your heading (round all values to 10°, 10nm,  1000ft).

Here is an English guide to handle with bullseye.


Q: The tool does not start, what can I do?
A: Please check anti-virus program.
A: On first start, Windows blocks the execution of the .exe (check window in the background).

Q: Will there be a mobile version for IOS, Android, etc?
A: No, of course not.

Q: Why was the program written?
A: There has been no program for this, and the "posit call" is often used in our tactical fighter group.

Q: Where can I report errors in the program?
A: Here, in this thread.

Q: Is this a free program and where can I donate something?
A:  The program is free. If you want to donate something, give your change  money to a homeless person and spend your old clothes.

Q: Why's your english so bad?

Q: Warranty?
A: No, it's your own risk.
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