SUN 5th JUNE 2016 1800Z OP Georgian Thunder MSN9




As always, it is my distinct pleasure to invite the 36 Stormo to a large combined event again.
Please indicate interest and type of mission /aircraft on the forum thread about the event, located here:

Here is the information related to the event, currently availeble:

"Sunday the 5th of June we will be hosting the ninth mission in Operation Georgian Thunder.

The intention for this mission is to focus it as a raid against a High Value Target.
As such, the following support would be needed for this mission:

A-10C's (CAS+Escort+Air Interdiction on pre-planned targets)
KA-50's (escorting the Huey's)
JTAC's (part of SOF raiding force + Recon element in place overlooking the objective)
Huey's (insertion of SOF raiding force)
AWACS / ATC controllers (Air-to-ground, Air-to-air , Air Mission Commander)
SU-25 (SEAD)
Fighters (Air-to-Air)

Post if you plan on attending, include the name of your organization and state which take-off time you prefer, and what sort of tasking you would like to fly. Please do that as soon as possible, so we can set up the mission accordingly.

Data of the mission will likely not be availeble until Friday 3rd of June, so the 132nd forum will be used for preliminary sign-up, requests and discussion until the event is up."

What I am primarily in need for is a SEAD flight (or more). So if the 36 Stormo have pilots that are able to fly th eSU-25 in a SEAD role, that would be highly desired.

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