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19 Giugno 2012

Dear Pilots

We would like to introduce a new competition for all to take part in.

We would like to challenge to show off you screenshot skills. In this thread, submit one (per user) original screenshot. You may post edit it, or submit a raw screenshot straight from DCS World 1.5. For this month we will open it to any era, so any module is fair game. No resolution restrictions, but the better quality the better looking screenshot.

Submit your image to this thread by attaching the image to your post; we would prefer this so that we have the image to display if you win. By submitting your screenshot you waive your rights to them over to us.

If you can, try to include the DCS Series logo for bonus points.

Submission will start today and end on the Monday Oct. 26th. The top 3 will be chosen by me and Groove. From there, Igor, head of Eagle Dynamics will chose who wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

The prizes will be as follows:

1st Place receives their choice of the NTTR map or one ED module of their choice. Special Forum Title and the shot will be featured on the website.

2nd Place receives one ED module of their choice.

3rd Place will receive a Pay-ware campaign of their choice.

Good luck and let’s see what you got!

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