Callsign woayumi
    Nome Vito
    Data di nascita 12 Nov 89
    Joystick utilizzato Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog
    Se è in possesso di Cuffie e microfono si
    Simulatore utilizzato ed aereomobile con il quale si vorrebbe prendere parte all'addestramento (sorted by priority) Su-33, Su-27, Su-25T, F-86F, P-51D, MiG-29, Su-25, Ka-50
    Esperienze maturate con il simulatore I leave it up to you to decide
    Esperienze maturate nell'ambito della simulazione aerea in generale I play only DCS
    Confermare di aver letto ed accettato lo statuto SI, ma io voglio mio callsign essere "WoAyumi", non "woayumi". Bene?
Ciao Woayumi!  ;)

Vitaliy For the date of birth, we are interested in the year.
You will begin training on Su33/27 that we treat as if they were the same Aircraft
The statute is written in Italian, you are sure to have read everything and understand it, if something is not clear, we can clarify.
In the statute, is regulated as a Callsign must be written.
Only the first letter capitalized and no number or symbol.
So your Callsign become Woayumi.

I proceed to give you access to the private part of the forum
Well Woayumi , welcome to the 36 °! :)

I had to change your Nick in the forum, and to do that I had to reset your password.

Signing should received an email with a new password. Remember that, now your Callsgn  is Woayumi.

I advise you to change your password upon your first login, as it is too simple on the one generated.

Now that you have been officially admitted to the 36 ° Stormo Alerts have access to a private forum. In it you can find a lot of information, including the data access to our TS and server, the availability and appointments between pilots, the Academy where we report our instructional status and discuss new goals to achieve, the missions created by us much more!

In particular, we suggest that you read the Topic Sticky section of] "Bacheca" (Wall)

For your first flight we suggest that you proceed in this way:

Make sure the simulator and your hardware working properly.

If you have not already done so, configures at best you can your joystick, so you have at least the basic commands at your fingertips. (Then if necessary you will be helped by an advanced configuration)

Post your availability in the appropriate topic] "Disponibilità e appuntamenti piloti"  Availability and appointments drivers who is in http :/ /] "Wall" . Usually we fly in the evening from 21.00 local time (19z) onwards, then you'll find someone in the channel almost every night.

To connect to our TS Server visit the] "Bacheca" (Wall) in the topic http: / /]  "Server Voce 36° SV - Team Speak 3"  You find it the data access and the regulation of the TS Server.

See you soon! :)
If for some reason you have not received the email with the password, send a message to the email
Welcome aboard Woayumi! ;)
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