OP Georgian Thunder: MSN13 - Sunday 16th of October



The 132nd Virtual Wing will continue with mission number 13 in the Operation Georgian Thunder Campaign beeing hosted Sunday the 16th of October at 1800Z

As usual, we will invite external organizations to attend the event.

The mission will run on the official version of 1.5.4 and will be run using UniversRadio.

The specific event information will not be availeble until about around thursday, but potential participants are encouraged to state their intention if they intend to participate in the following thread on the 132nd Virtual Wing forums:
(This so that taskings can be prepared, and mission brief can be prepared)

Event information availeble here:

Please state preferred missiontype, as this information will be used by the mission designer to create the mission.
Signups from JTAC's, ATC or AWACS controllers are also possible.
(Support for SEAD or Air-to-Air is always very high on our wishlist)
Thanks for inviting us!

See you soon!
I hope you guys will be able to attend, but I would need an answer rather quikly as I am editing the mission now.
Sorry for this round we are busy...

For the next event we are ready!

THX for your invitation!
I Neck, we are very glad for your invitation; for the next two week-end i'm very busy; but i'd like to join OP Georgian Thunder asap; i'm also interested to attend some trainings sessions with you.

Let's keep us informed about the 132 VW's activities.

Thanks a lot
Alto Basso