Modern air combat


9 Dicembre 2017
Scusate per il disturbo,  ma il nuovo modern air combat della eagle che uscirà in autunno sostituirà per caso dcs? O sarà un gioco completamente a parte?
a parte, lo fanno apposta i maledetti, e secondo me costerà un centinaio di €
Pensate il livello simulativo con mouse e tastiera.... [:panach11] [:panach11] [:panach11]
Ne discutevamo... Non capisco cosa stiano tirando fuori... Sembra che mettano tutto insieme in un unico modulo, fc3 + gli alti moduli scritti nella descrizione. Roba da 30/40 € l'uno... Inoltre, i moduli di fc3 restano non cliccabili (?).

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Developed by the same studio that brought you the wildly successful Lock On, Modern Air Combat (MAC) brings you one game with 14 unique combat aircraft to own the sky! MAC aircraft include:

F-15C Eagle. US air superiority fighter with 104 kills to 0 losses record.
Su-27 Flanker B. Russia's dominate heavy air superiority fighter.
Su-33 Flanker D. The Russian navy's carrier capable version of the Flanker B.
Flanker B+. The Chinese version of the Flanker B, with R77 active homing missiles.
MiG-29 Fulcrum A. Russia's widely exported light air superiority fighter.
MiG-29S Fulcrum C. The modernised version of the Fulcrum with latest weapons and defences.
A-10A Warthog. The USAF's massively successful 'flying tank', designed to kill ground targets.
Su-25A Frogfoot. Russia's primary ground attack and close air support jet.
Su-25T Frogfoot. A modernised version of the Frogfoot with enhanced sensors and weapons.
F-86F Sabre. America's iconic top fighter during the Korean War.
MiG-15bis Fagot. Russia's 1st generation jet fighter that opposed the Sabre over Korea.
F-5E Tiger II. The US light-weight fighter that has been operational since the Vietnam War and operated by over 30 countries.
MiG-21bis Fishbed. Russia's most successful fighter of the Vietnam war. A supersonic fighter that closely matches the Tiger II.
L-39ZA. A Czech designed, two seat trainer that was then adapted to a light attack aircraft.

Each aircraft's flight model, sounds, external model and cockpit is recreated to an exceptional level of detail and accuracy. Great care has been given to offer scalable gameplay that suits your personal levels and wishes. This includes intuitive and consistent keyboard controls between aircraft, selectable difficulty settings, option for more forgiving flight dynamics, and even the ability to fly these aircraft with just your keyboard.

As with Lock On and the Flaming Cliffs series, MAC is focused on east and west counterpart aircraft, and this includes such legendary match-ups such as the Eagle and Flanker, Warthog and Frogfoot, Sabre and MiG-15bis, and the F-5E and MiG-21bis. MAC is a blend of both east and west, and this allows you to re-fight historical conflicts from the Korean War to today, and to create your own "what-if" missions.

You can generate an unlimited number of missions using the Fast Mission Creator and Mission Editor. MAC also includes numerous instant action and single missions, as well as campaigns for most of the aircraft and is fully compatible with DCS World online! There are no limits to content.

In addition to the full Caucasus map, MAC also includes a limited part of our Nevada and Persian Gulf maps.

Key Features of MAC:

14 exceptional combat aircraft from the United States, Russia, China and Czech Republic.
Shallow learning curve with consistent key controls between aircraft, and easy to fly with just a keyboard.
Professional level flight models, but with option for forgiving flight dynamics.
Play instant action, single missions and campaigns for most aircraft in single player or fly online.
Supports Virtual Reality like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.
Includes the Caucasus map and portions of Nevada and the Persian Gulf.
Purchase MAC aircraft individually or as a pack at a reduced price.
Flaming Cliffs 3 owners can purchase the MAC pack at a great discount.

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È indirizzato a chi oggi vola su war thunder ed affini.
Per chi vuole approcciare la simulazione da zero (o quasi) può anche andare bene visto che ci sono molti aerei diversi e di periodi distinti.
Ovvio che per chi sta da tempo su dcs più che un aggiornamento di fc3 sembra un passo indietro...
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