Memory Leak or not?


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19 Giugno 2012
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Hey guys,
This post is to clarify the issues that some have been having with 2.5, and to clarify what is going on, and the best way to approach working with it.

First, this is NOT a memory leak. A memory leak would be that usage of RAM continues to increase during running of the sim until it uses all you memory and the program crashes or stops responding.

What is actually happening is that with 2.5 and all its new features, people are hitting their RAM limit on load of maps. Why? Well 2.5 has added higher object counts, from collide-able trees, new buildings, more buildings, and other objects to make the maps look more alive and detailed. Include in this higher detailed textures and you can see how more RAM is needed.

Currently ED is testing a solution that will help much of this. The initial version of the dynamic texture unload manager which will greatly improve performance for heavy online missions is currently under test and should be available for users within the coming two weeks. We apologise for the delay but a last minute issue arose with this module.

What can you do while you wait? Adjusting older missions from 1.5, especially for multiplayer, by removing un-needed units can help. Mission design can really help manage RAM usage, and for the time being will be the best bet to help. As well, look at your computer specs, by no means does ED demand you guys upgrade to 32GB, but if you are running 8GB, you may need to evolve with the times, and understand that as ED offers bigger more detailed environments, the demands on your system will need to evolve as well.

I hope this clarifies a little more of what is going on, and that ED is truly working to make this the best experience for all.


sono emersi molti spunti e informazioni molto utili a chi usa DCS... consiglio di seguire il post per capire come migliorare la propria esperienza di simulazione in funzione della propria postazione Hardware.

Di seguito posto le cose che a mio avviso sono le più importanti e sensate.



So from your post doing the following should reduce RAM use

1. Reduce textures (Textures and Terrain Textures)
2. Reduce preload radius to a lower value

Both of these should help out ? and reduce the amount of RAM being used ?


If you examine the issue yourself, you will see that a large amount is used on launch of a mission, and then it stabilizes, the issue happens when people hit their RAM limit before it can stabilize. The pre-loader will help, but untill then the only option is reduce the RAM load or increase the RAM limit.



By Grabthars HAMMER ... what a savings!

Loaded a mission of mine,
ran it for 2 mins (no flying, just sitting in my pit)

My normal "high" settings = 11.6G of RAM used (@ 2 min mark)

Changed settings to "low" = 5.1G of RAM used (@ 2 min mark)




Well I’ve got 32 gigs of ram already and it still takes forever to load most missions.  Hoping what’s “in the pipe” corrects it.  It’s more of a hassle than anything.


Yeah, I think you guys fall under the heavy mission category too, so I am interested to see how it works for you when the unload manager hits.



I do some tests for Heavy Mission term topic and in meantime this thread is started. Anyway, i agree... is not memory leak. Just DCS need RAM for HeavyMissions.

What are Heavy Missions?
The worst thing a that mission designer can do is to make mission "ALL INCLUSIVE".
They have to do thematic missions. If some aircraft/unit is not needed for mission - don`t include it. Simple and better for all.

If you guys are interested, look next charts from my testing.

Tested on GTX 780ti, 16GB RAM, AMD FX6100, SSD Samsung 850 evo.


M1,M2,...M14 - mission variations

M1-M7: All DCS ground units included and some ships.
M8-M11 and M12: No ground units, no ships
M13: No ground units., Ships included
M14: No Ships. Ground units included.





If you don`t have 64GB RAM avoid ALL INCLUSIVE servers/missions.
If you don`t have 8GB GPU and 32GB RAM avoid ALL INCLUSIVE servers/missions.


Currently using the freebie, probably will buy into it later.

I open and preload this so I can get quick access to it. It is in the background running.

When running DCS in Multiplayer, bring up the "Active Processes" tab (Left Alt + Tab) ,

Then scroll down to "Trim Virtual Memory"

I do this several times during my online session.

This process helps me. I use the 64-bit version .

Had to tune the DCS System setup back a wee bit. Not running maxed out.

I can play good enough online on 104th, and the CiriBob Blue Flag and similar themed servers.


I am still running Windows 7 Pro , Asus GeForce GTX 970 and 16GB RAM .


Is there really no memory leak?

Attached is a trivial track from a trivial mission (two aircraft flying in a straight line at 10000m). No visible trees, no fancy details, buildings etc.

I tried to record a (very boring) video from this track using the mission editor built-in function. I managed to record about 40 seconds of the video at the native resolution of 2560x1600 at 60fps before I had to kill it because it was swapping like crazy (this was with 32GB RAM and SSD).

DCS.exe grew to almost 50GB allocated memory (not counting code and static data) before I killed it.



What happens when you're NOT trying to both run the SIM and record 4K video at 60 FPS at the same time ?


If I just run the sim then I don't see a memory leak. But my point was not just that it is using huge amounts of memory but that it was growing continuously without bounds.

Edit: 2560x1600 isn't 4K (it's about half the pixels of 4K) and frame rate doesn't matter since it's not being recorded in real time anyway. Still, that's kind of besides the point.



Funny how having 2.1 version running I had no issues then after the 2.5 conversion and the last 2 updates my game has gone from bad to worse. This game has issues wither you want to admit it or not. I can only hope that ED gets their techs on it and gets it fixed. For most of us we have machines that for all tense and purposes should be shredding this game up but we still have long load times and bugs in the game. We should not have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on newer equipment after every update that comes out. 

For now I sit back and wait to see how long it will take ED to fix this game. I will not be spending any more money on anything until I see the release version stable and running smooth.

Ieri ho letto il post che hanno rilasciato anche su FB.
Mah, a me le cose non tornano: se giochi con la stessa grafica di Minecraft allora non hai problemi di RAM, altrimenti lo standard diventa 32GB...Il succo, a voler guardare bene, è quello.

Hanno elogiato l'ottimizzazione della questa cosa la dice lunga...hai voglia a parlarmi di mappa e di alberi...
Le prestazioni non proprio al top sono il problema di questo millennio, ma stanno spuntando parecchie cure temporanee per aggirare il problema. Ho trovato una discussione sul forum ED che mi ha dato un buon aiuto a recuperare qualche FPS e a dare fluidità alla simulazione.

Pare che il "male" assoluto al momento siano l'AntiAliasing, qualità delle ombre e res. in cockpit.
Cancellando le cartelle METASHADERS e  FXO in Partite Salvate\DCS e facendole ricreare al primo avvio del sim ha incrementato la fluidità.
Praticamente tutti consigliano di lavorare in parallelo con il pannello Nvidia con qualche settaggio mirato.

Ad ogni modo è tutto nel post soprastante.
Speriamo in una soluzione che ottimizzi un pochino meglio il tutto. Ci sono simmers con gtx 1080 che lamentano problemi...quindi tanto normale non è!!  [:headbang]
A pranzo ho fatto una prova con la open beta andando a modificare le impostazioni del pannello di controllo Nvidia, seguendo i parametri del link della discussione ED. Tra queste ho messo in ON l'antialiasing , il filtro anisostroplico controllato dall'applicazione come l'antialising ed il prerender frame rate a 3.

Devo dire che ho avuto un bel miglioramento con gli FPS che se prima viaggiavano attorno ai 55 ( con i 3 schermi in surround ) ora arrivo attorno ai 67/70.

Con l'oculus invece credo di aver avuto un peggioramento.
Devo ancora provare a cancellare le cartelle METASHADERS e FXO.

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