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19 Giugno 2012
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Si è conclusa la gara "Shahdoh's MRS - Tbilisi" in cui c'erano in palio dei fantastici premi messi a disposizione da VEAO.

The Mustang racing season comes to an end with the most difficult course of the season. To complicate matters, they had to deal with 20 mph winds. Still, there was a champion to be crowned so racing went on. Race day was not that pretty but qualifying provided a clue to who had the course figured out. Mick led the pack with a blistering qualifying time of 2:11.57 and ended up working his way to the end of the bracket, earning his first win of the season. This won him the Bf-109 provided by Hitman, in association with LockOnFiles, but more importantly, locked him into the number 1 position for the championship!

Congrats Mick, flying Strega, on winning the 2015 Mustang Racing Series earning you a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS provided by VEAO Simulations!


2nd place in the series goes to Frippe, flying Ferrari, earning him a TrackIR5 Pro also provided by VEAO Simulations.


3rd place for the series - Phantom, flying Joedebelle, wins a key for the UH-1h Huey provided by an anonymous donor.


Official results here:

Twitch highlight:

Again, very sincere thanks to all that made this a great racing season!
Virtual Aerobatic Staff
The Pilots
James "ATaC" Hervert - Race official
my wife "Mrs Shahdoh" - X-split control person
VEAO for the awesome series rewards
Hitman with LockOnFiles for the great race rewards!
and all the others that helped out along the way

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