hanno nerfato il CH....cioè robe da pazzi...
A quanto pare c'è un bel po' di disanima tra la RAZBAM e la ED...

Dear Customers and Community,

You may have noticed that the that the latest RAZBAM announcements does not include a changelog or any updates for our products. We would like to inform you that, until further notice, all support for RAZBAM-developed aircraft modules is on hold. This suspension encompasses, but is not limited to, bug fixes and updates.

We want to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to this exceptional community, our current customers, and prospective clients. Unfortunately, due to circumstances completely beyond our control, we are temporarily unable to continue our work at this time. Our team, a group of highly skilled and professional developers, is first and foremost made up of dedicated individuals. They invest not only their expertise but also their personal dedication and sacrifice into crafting our products. For many, this work provides essential supplementary income or even constitutes their primary livelihood.

We are hopeful for a swift resolution so that we can resume our normal operations. However, until these issues are resolved, we will not be issuing any updates about our products. We ask for your understanding during this challenging period, a situation that RAZBAM Simulations did not seek and which has previously seriously affected other parties, for example Heatblur Simulations. We have been patient, perhaps too patient, waiting for a resolution from the responsible parties. Now, we find it necessary to take a stand and await a practical solution to this deadlock.

I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my fellow third-party developers. Their support, once aware of the relevant facts, has been overwhelming. Thank you for elevating DCS to new heights; it truly wouldn’t be the remarkable experience it is without your contributions.

The suspension will remain in effect until the significant issues between Eagle Dynamics and RAZBAM Simulations LLC are resolved to our mutual satisfaction. Once these issues have been addressed, we will resume our standard practices of bug fixing, updates, and upgrades, just as we have since our inception as developers for DCS. We hope this resolution results in a more stable and optimistic future for DCS and all 3rd Party Developers.

Best regards

Ron Zambrano, CEO, RAZBAM Simulations, LLC (posted by RAZBAM_prowler on the RAZBAM Discord)

Following the message published by Ron Zambrano of Razbam Simulations, we believe that it is necessary to rectify some of the unfounded allegations and to reassure the Community that everything is being done to resolve the current situation promptly and for the benefit of all concerned.

Without entering into the details of matters that are confidential to the parties, we firmly reject the allegations that the current disagreement between Eagle Dynamics and Razbam Simulations would be as stated by Razbam “due to circumstances completely beyond our control” and that it is “a situation that Razbam Simulations did not seek”.

On the contrary, the current disagreement is the result of improper actions that have been taken by Razbam Simulations, in breach of its contractual obligations towards our company and of our legally protected IP rights, and for which we are seeking a reasonable and forward-looking commercial outcome rather than entertaining legal claims.

We very much regret that Ron Zambrano has decided, without even pre-advising us, to make these disparaging public statements and, more importantly, to take the customers of the Razbam developed aircraft as leverage in the discussions with us.

Please rest assured, we are addressing the situation with the utmost attention and constructiveness.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Nick Grey (shared by ED Community Manager on the DCS by Eagle Dynamics Discord)

Hi all I have decided to halt developing for DCS indefinitely. This was the final straw. We have not been paid up to date (many months worth) and this is incredibly insulting to see this statement. I wish you all the best. Thanks!

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Certo che... boh! Sicuramente chiacchiere da bar finché non si sanno i dettagli (e non li sapremo mai probabilmente), però fa comunque uno strano effetto sentirle.
É una situazione a dir poco strana, inoltre un post su Reddit mi ha incuriosito molto.
Andando a verificare di persona, effettivamente Eagle Dynamics ha versato diversi milioni di sterline a “fighter collection” (per chi non lo sapesse é il parco macchine volanti di nick gray, co proprietario e co fondatore di ED) e tutt’ora la compagnia é in debito di 9 milioni di sterline nei confronti di ED.
Il report lo trovate qui

Il sito ufficiale del governo inglese sul quale è possibile controllare le partite iva e i report finanziari (il report lo trovate al capitolo 10 del file “total exemption full accounts” del 29 ago 2023).

E lancio una chiacchiera da bar….
Che il nostro Nick Gray sia un po’ la Ferragni della simulazione ? Che va ad avere effetto sui pagamenti alle 3rd parties.
Ultima modifica:
E lancio una chiacchiera da bar….
Che il nostro Nick Gray sia un po’ la Ferragni della simulazione ? Che va ad avere effetto sui pagamenti alle 3rd parties.
Non esageriamo. Non sappiamo come stiano le cose. Evitiamo chiacchiericci non costruttivi.

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