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20 Agosto 2014
Hi guys. I apologize for no official Developer Diary yet, but I assure you progress is being made albeit slowly here at he early stage. I want to thank everyone who has helped me research the Midway Atoll and it’s defenses so our first battleground and aerial attack scenario will be rooted in historical fact. We continue to add to our little staff and make funds available for the things we need. I also see our Zeke and Wildcat starting to take shape and we have a cute little 250lb bomb that will set the stage for good looking ordnance you will drop on the enemy. Our engineers also continue to work on our physics and aircraft systems. Many folks have written me on different subjects and I will endeavor to respond soon. Thank you for your patience guys and your continued support and hanging out on our Discord, Forum and Socials. Have a great weekend pilots!

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