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19 Giugno 2012
Se ricordo bene, Tellurico aveva già creato qualcosa con Arduino... mi sembra proprio la CDU dell'A-10C...

Posto questa interessante discussione dove si vede la semplicità nel collegare il tutto!

DCS-BIOS allows anyone to connect a switch panel to DCS using an Arduino board -- no programming experience required.
The software already knows about every switch and gauge in your cockpit. You simply copy and paste the supplied code if you wish to use any of the following components:
push buttons
two- and three-position toggle switches
rotary switches
rotary encoders
LED indicator lights

This video demonstrates how easy it is:

Some highlights:
The commands are sent directly to DCS; you do not have to map any buttons in the DCS options.
Full A-10C support including export of the CDU display (no OCR required!)
UH-1H support will follow shortly
Comprehensive documentation
Supports switching aircrafts in multiplayer
Open-source -- if at some point in the future I cannot maintain the project anymore (I might get hit by a bus...) any other programmer can pick it up
By writing a few lines of code yourself, you can use any existing Arduino library to control different types of displays, servos and stepper motors (DCS-BIOS does export this data).

The goal of DCS-BIOS is to become a community-maintained Export.lua file that covers everything related to controlling your virtual cockpit.
We would like to support every single DCS module, but to do that, we need your help!
If you want to add support for another aircraft module, please contact me.
I cannot add and maintain aircraft modules that I do not know and fly myself.

This project started back in July when I wanted to introduce WarHog to Arduino boards.
Five months later, we have an easy-to-use, stable platform that can export the complete A-10C cockpit over a serial connection or an Arduino Ethernet shield.
I'd like to thank WarHog for being my guinea and for his great work on the User Guide. Without him, most people would give up after reading the first sentence!

To learn more, visit the DCS-BIOS website:
There you will find links to downloads, documentation, the DCS-BIOS YouTube channel and GitHub.

If you have questions, please open a new issue on GitHub if you can.
It will be easier to follow separate discussions there and if your question is related to a bug, your question can instantly be used as a bug report.

I plan to improve the documentation and work on additional tutorial videos.
Some topics I want to cover in a video:
how to set up the interactive reference documentation (view live data from your cockpit and manipulate switches with Google Chrome); this feature currently has no documentation at all
how to use DCS-BIOS with an Arduino Ethernet shield
how to connect a character display
how to connect a servo motor
how to connect a rotary encoder
how to connect three-position toggle switches and rotary switches
a 10 to 15-minute walkthrough that covers the entire set-up process
a guide on what Arduino board and USB to serial converter to buy (and which tools you need)

I will prioritize these (and cover additional topics) based on the feedback we receive.

Try DCS-BIOS and send us your comments, where you were confused and which areas of the documentation you think we need to improve (if any).

Link al pregevole lavoro di Tellurico!

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