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19 Giugno 2012
Al momento è il server più battuto dai migliori piloti di FC2... ogni giorno e quasi a qualsiasi ora ci sono client, a volte anche 40 in contemporanea...

Rules for the server

The dedicated server of the 51st PVO regiment hosts multiple missions, situated over the entire Lock On map and different times of day, different seasons and different weather conditions are used. Missions are rotated every couple of hours.

Stats Pages
Points are awarded to pilots based on the events present in the multiplayer log. All events are attributed to flights, which start with a pilot entering the server and end when he exits. During a flight, a pilot can score points from air-to-air and air-to-ground points and double these points by safely returning to a friendly airbase. Bonus points are awarded for air-to-air kills on pilots of the 51st PVO regiment (those wearing <51> tags) and for ejecting before crashing. Kills on friendly aircraft, ground units and ships will be penalized. A detailed account of the scoring system is given below.

The stats pages are separated in an air-to-air page, an air-to-ground page, a page showing the overall pilot statistics and a page grouping stats of pilots belonging to squadrons.

The multiplayer log is parsed and uploaded to the stats page several times an hour.

Scoring System

The following points are awarded for events in the multiplayer log.

Air-to-air scoring
•+15 points for an air-to-air kill on a human fighter or bomber pilot.
• +6 points for an air-to-air kill on a human helicopter pilot.
• +5 points for an air-to-air kill on an AI fighter or bomber pilot.
• +2 points for an air-to-air kill on an AI helicopter pilot.
•-15 points for an air-to-air loss.
•-15 points for a crash.
• +5 points for ejecting before crashing.
• -5 points for ejecting without crashing.
Kill-to-death (K/D) ratios are computed from K/D=(kills-teamkills)/(losses+crashes).

Air-to-ground scoring
•+1 points for infantry, trucks and jeeps.
•+2 for APCs and IFVs.
•+2 for MANPADs.
•+3 for SHORAD.
•+3 for artillery.
•+3 for light tanks.
•+4 for heavy tanks.
•+4 for medium range SAMs (Tor, Osa).
•+4 for cargo ships.
•+5 for medium and long range SAM launchers.
•+5 for Molniya corvettes.
•+8 for Dog Ear radar.
•+10 for medium range SAM radars.
•+10 for Albators and Rezky frigates.
•+12 for Neustrashimy frigates.
•+15 for EWR radars.
•+20 for long range SAM radars.
•+40 for the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier.

Bonus scores
•Points from air-to-air and air-to-ground kills will be doubled if you return to a friendly airbase.
•Air-to-air kill on 51st PVO pilots (those wearing <51> tags) will count double (+30 points).
•Bonus points can be earned on certain missions. Read the mission briefing.

•Kills on friendly aircraft, ground units and ships will be penalized with -8 times the value of the unit.
Hence an air-to-air teamkill will be -120 points and -32 points for a ground unit with a +4 value.
Negative scores will not be doubled upon returning to a friendly airbase.
•Mid-air game exits from a disadvantaged position with the clear goal to prevent getting killed will be penalized with 120 points and a crash.
•Firing illegal weapons will be penalized by 15 points per weapon fired.

•Each player is limited to a quota of 100 AIM-120B, 100 AIM-120C and 200 R-77 (AA-12) air-to-air missiles per month. When exceeding this quotum points will no longer be awarded for air-to-air kills with these missiles. Use other air-to-air missiles instead.

Important Notes
•If you find that your aircraft starts in mid-air instead of on the ground, exit the server and rejoin until your aircraft starts on the ground. Starting in mid-air may lead to corruption of your stats.
•Switching planes or switching to spectators while your aircraft is still moving may lead to a crash being recorded. Ensure your aircraft has fully stopped before switching, or exit the server and rejoing.

Official Rules
The rules for the dedicated server of the 51st PVO regiment the following:
•It is allowed to change payloads, but only create standard payloads (as in FC1.12).
•Do not use printscreen or warps to evade missiles.
•Do not excessively fly below 10m.
•Do not use game hacks changing aircraft parameters.
•Do not kill friendly aircraft, vehicles and ships.
•Only take off from and land on runways. Taking off from or landing on the taxiway will not be tolerated.
•Treat other server users with respect. Keep any trashtalk to yourself.
•Read the mission briefing before loading in. There might be vital information for specific tasks.
•Connect at 256/128kbit when joining the server.
•Do not abuse aliases. All connections are logged, and abuse will not be tolerated


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