132nd Combined Event - Sunday 6th of December




I just want to invite the 36 Stormo Virtualw to participate on the start of the 132nd Virtual Wing's new campaign: Operation Georgian Thunder, that we will have its first mission at Sunday the 6th of December. Starttime will be around 1800Z, but if there will be many signups, we will space out flights over multiple hours.

Preliminary signup and request for mission type can be done in this thread:

(The sooner I get a request, the easier and better can I integrate it in the mission, so I encourage everyone to signup in the thread)

Hopefully DCS 1.5 / DCS 2.0 will be out at that time of the mission and we will run on that, if not we will run on the latest official DCS release.
We will run this combined event with Universal Radio (

Documentation for the campaign is currently beeing worked on, and will be published on the 132nd subforum for the OP Georgian Thunder Campaign, and on the event information once the documentation is complete.

If someone does not have access to the 132nd Virtual Wing website, please send me a pm with preferred username and emailadress and I can create an account manually.

Current signup for the event:
AWACS Controller: 2
KA-50: 3
A-10C: 6

5e EVC:
AWACS controller: 1
A-10C: 1
Huey: 1

3rd Wing
F-15C: 1

SU-25T: 2 (SEAD)
Huey: 1 (pilot might be retasked to ATC or JTAC)
Thx Neck for invitation!

I got your message on the forum ED and we are coordinating to see who is able to attend this event.

Soon, we'll have news to you. ;)
Alto Basso