10 Years VAT "Berkuts" Airshow


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19 Giugno 2012

On June the 7th 2018, the VAT "Berkuts" will be hosting a virtual airshow to dedicated to 10 years of existing.

In the early days of 2008, the VAT "Berkuts" team was founded by only a  handful of dedicated members to build something, that surpasses their  previous experiences in formation flying. Preparing for their first official show 6  month later, the Berkuts not only became a team of people, who meet up  to fly, but a group of professionals, ready to for its first debut.
By the years, the team grew stronger on members and experience, marking a  peek of 18 registered pilots, the team gained a respected level in  this  community.

The show starts at the 7th June, 18:30 GMT. See you there!

Livestream channel:TBA on the 5th of June

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